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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Working with tenant groups : Editing a group

Editing a group

You can make changes to a group; for example, you can edit the existing group details, add tenants, add partitions, or rename a group (when the group has tenants as members).
To edit a group:
1. Click Database Administration > Go to Database Administration in the OpenEdge Management console menu.
The Database Administration page appears.
2. Filter or search for, and select the required database connection.
The database connection home page appears.
3. Under Storage Management, click View groups.
4. Select the group you want to edit. The group details page appears.
5. In the Group name field, replace the existing group name with a new group name.
6. Modify the description of the group (optional).
7. To make partition changes, select a table in the schema on the Partitions tab. Then:
*Click the Area drop-down arrow if you want to choose a different area.
*Click the Buffer pool drop-down to change from Primary to Alternate, or vice versa.
*To change the allocation state, select the appropriate option.
8. To add a new tenant, click Tenants and then click Add Tenant. Click Remove to remove an existing tenant from the group.
9. Click Save to save the changes.
* Adding a tenant to a group