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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Working with tenants : Deallocating tenant tables

Deallocating tenant tables

You can deallocate a multi-tenant table from a tenant or a group. Deallocation can be helpful in freeing up storage space so that it is available for reuse.
If you are logged in as a user to a regular tenant, you can deallocate one or more tables from the tenant. If you are logged in as a user to a super-tenant, you can deallocate a table for a group or another tenant in the database.
If you attempt to deallocate a tenant table and the table is in use, deallocation waits for the table to be available.
Note: Keep in mind that when you deallocate a multi-tenancy-enabled table's partitions, all data in the table is deleted. For this reason, it is advised that you back up a tenant before you deallocate its contents.
* Deallocating a tenant table from the tenant
* Deallocating a tenant table from a group