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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Working with tenant templates : Creating a tenant from a tenant template

Creating a tenant from a tenant template

You can create a new regular tenant from a tenant template.
Note that you can open a template only if it is associated with a valid database connection that you can access. If the database connection is no longer valid or accessible, either restore the database connection with the same connection name as required by the template, or delete the template.
To create a tenant from a tenant template:
1. Select Database Administration > Configure > Tenant Templates in the management console menu. The list of templates appears.
2. Select the template you want to use, and click Create tenant from template. (If you do not see a recently created template in the list, click Refresh.) The tenant creation page opens.
If you defined any of the following settings when you created the selected tenant template, the settings are loaded for you:
*Database connection
*Default data area
*Default index area
*Default LOB area
*Object allocation rule
*Template (from which to copy defaults for the tenant)
You can use any or all of the template defaults, or you can make changes. The changes you make override any of the default settings for this tenant but do not modify the actual template.
3. Type the tenant name, which is required, and an optional description.
4. Do one of the following:
*Click Create tenant. The tenant is created, and the tenant home page appears.
*Click Generate tenant program. You are prompted to save the create_tenant.p file.