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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Managing users and domains in a multi-tenant database : Configuring database security administrators

Configuring database security administrators

You can establish one or more security administrators for a multi-tenant database. You can also identify domains as security administrators; in such a case, everyone in a domain is a security administrator.
To set up a database security administrator:
1. Click Database Administration > Go to Database Administration in the OpenEdge Management console menu.
The Database Administration page appears.
2. Filter or search for, and select the required database connection.
The database connection home page appears.
3. Click Edit.
The Edit Database Connection page appears.
4. In the Database authentication area, select the Log in with these credentials option.
5. Type the User ID, password, and then type the password again to confirm it.
6. Click Save.
7. Under Database Administration, select the database connection you are logged in to.
8. Under Security Summary, click Edit security administrator. The Security Administrators page appears.
You can designate one or more security administrators by:
*Typing the login ID for each user in the box provided.
*You can enter multiple user IDs here, but you must include your own user ID. Separate the user IDs with commas, but no spaces.
*Clicking Add users to Security Administrators. A list of users appears; select each user you want to designate as a security administrator. Be sure to select your own ID in the list. Click OK when you finish.
*Click Add domains to Security Administrators. A list of domains appears; select the domains you want to designate. All users in the domains you specify will be security administrators. Click OK when you finish.
9. When you finish, click Save.
* Setting up a database connection login