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Configuring Multi-tenancy
Updating tenant schema : Configuring an area working set

Configuring an area working set

You can review a tenant's area layout in the detail frame. As you work with tenants and upload and commit schema changes, you might find that you cannot see all the database areas at one time. To remedy this, you can configure an area working set, which allows you to specify which areas you want to see in the tenant area layout. This option is useful when you are working with multi-tenancy tables with an allocation status of delayed or none.
To configure an area working set:
1. Click Database Administration > Go to Database Administration in the OpenEdge Management console menu.
The Database Administration page appears.
2. Filter or search for, and select the required database connection.
The database connection home page appears.
3. Click View tenants in the Storage Management section.
The Tenant List page appears.
4. Select a tenant for which you want to configure an area working set.
The tenant details page appears.
5. Click Edit tenant in the Manage Tenant section.
The Edit Tenant page appears.
6. Click Partitions > Configuring working areas.
The Select Working Areas dialog appears and presents a list of all of the Type II areas in the database and the number of partitions currently assigned to that area. (Areas already being shown are preselected.)
7. Click the check box for each area or click the Select All check box to select all the areas listed in the dialog box to appear in the area layout .
8. Click Save and Close when you finish.
9. Click Partitions to scroll in the area layout and see all the areas you chose to include in the working set.
10. To save the areas you added to the working set, click Commit in the tenant menu bar. (Note that any other pending transactions will also be committed at this time.)