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Using the Console : Using the management console : Viewing the contents of a AdminServer

Viewing the contents of a AdminServer

When you click the AdminServer name, the AdminServer page appears.
The OpenEdge Management AdminServer page includes summary information about the host machine, viewlets that illustrate CPU and memory performance details, and access to the different resource categories, such as File and Network.
The OpenEdge Management AdminServer page also provides access to the following details:
*System Activity — The system activity report, which identifies host information, CPU utilization, and memory utilization
*System Information — The system information report, which provides details about the host, the operating system, the OpenEdge Management installation, the OpenEdge installation, and startup information (such as Java classpath setting, the library path setting, and system path setting)
*File Systems — Tabular and graphical details about the AdminServer's file systems, including the systems' overall capacity, free space, current usage, and other statistics
*Disks — A list of the AdminServer's disks and access to details about each one