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Setting Up OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer for the First Time : Choosing initial configuration options : Setting initial configurations for OpenEdge Management : Specifying the OpenEdge Management e-mail server and default operator
Specifying the OpenEdge Management e-mail server and default operator
OpenEdge Management uses e-mail to send alerts to appropriate personnel. Alerts are messages from OpenEdge Management regarding potential irregularities in the resources you are monitoring.
If your organization has access to a paging service that reports on text-based messages that are sent by e-mail, your organization can use the e-mail action feature to initiate this message. You can determine whether the e-mail alert message is to be sent to an e-mail address or to a pager as a text message. To use alerts, you must specify the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) host and port that OpenEdge Management will use to send e-mail messages.
You should also identify a default user to receive alerts. This user's name will appear as the default recipient of each new alert that you define. You should choose a user who is most likely to receive most, if not all, generated alerts. However, remember that when you set up your monitors with OpenEdge Management, you can choose to override the default user.
To specify the e-mail server and the default operator you want to receive alerts:
1. Scroll to the Default alert recipient section of the OpenEdge Management Configuration page.
2. Enter the SMTP host name in the Mail server (SMTP) host name field. Check with your e-mail administrator if you do not know the e-mail host name.
3. Enter the port used by the SMTP host in the Mail server (SMTP) port field. On most systems, this is port 25.
4. Enter the e-mail address of the user you want to be listed as the default recipient of alerts in the Default e-mail recipient field.
5. If you require the default e-mail recipient to enter a user name and password, select the Mail server (SMTP) authentication option and then provide the user name and the password and confirm the password in the fields provided.
6. Select an option from Mail server(SMTP) SSL/TLS to specify if the server is SSL or TLS enabled.
When the default alert recipient information is submitted, OpenEdge Management automatically sets up a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) network resource monitor, SMTP_MAIL, for the host and port specified using default monitoring values. The SMTP protocol is used for sending e-mail messages between servers.
Alerts generated for this resource monitor are based on host and port performance only. For more information about network resource monitors, see OpenEdge Management: Resource Monitoring.