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Administering OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer : Setting the OpenEdge Management graph cache

Setting the OpenEdge Management graph cache

OpenEdge Management graphing includes a persistent data cache.You can determine the time period for which graph data cache samples are collected on a per-resource-instance basis. The default graph cache setting is 15 days. If you change the setting to a longer period, more disk space is used to store the growing cache. Consequently, the more data that has been stored, the more data there is to be represented in a graph. This results in higher CPU usage at the time a graph using the data is created.
It is recommended that you start with the 15-day default graph cache setting. You can then increase the value, if required, by small increments to test the impact on disk space and CPU activity.Alternatively, you can set certain resource types to the 15-day default and set others to a different time period, such as 12 hours to save memory and CPU usage.
To set the OpenEdge Management graph cache:
1. From the management console menu bar, click Options.
The Options page appears.
2. Click Graph Cache.
The Graph Cache Database Configure page appears.
3. In the Sample time period to collect field, type the graph cache time period you want to apply to the resources. Set the time unit to hours or days. The default time period is 15 days.
4. Select the resources to which you want to apply the selected graph cache time period:
a. In the List resource of type list, set the resource types either by selecting from the available resources or by selecting the wildcard ( * ).
b. In the for AdminServer field, set the AdminServers either by selecting from those available or by selecting the wildcard ( * ).
Note: When you select the wildcard ( * ), OpenEdge Management includes all current resources. The wildcard does not apply, however, to any resources or AdminServers you subsequently create. If you create a new resource, resource type, or AdminServer, you must set its graph cache time period manually.
5. Click Apply Filter. The resource types that match the filter specifications appear in the Available list.
6. Select the resources:
*Click Select All to select all the resources in the Available list and then click the right arrow.
*Click on each resource you want to select and then click the right arrow.
The resources appear in the Selected list. The information in the angular brackets to the right of each resource name is the current graph cache setting for that resource.
7. Click Apply to selected. Click OK in the confirmation dialog that appears.
You can verify that the time period has been changed correctly by selecting the resources and AdminServers and then clicking Apply Filter. The Available list displays the resources with the updated graph cache setting in the angular brackets.