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Administering OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer : Setting OpenEdge Management user preferences

Setting OpenEdge Management user preferences

You can establish your own preferences for the following OpenEdge Management features:
*The OpenEdge Management console page refresh rate
*The default polling and trending attributes for your OpenEdge Management resources: database, file, network, OpenEdge server, and system
To set OpenEdge Management user preferences for page refresh and for default polling and trending:
1. From the management console menu bar, click Options.
The Options page appears.
2. Click User Preferences.
The User Preferences page appears.
3. Set the time value for automatically refreshing pages in the Automatically refresh pages list.
Note: Consider your page refresh requirements before the setting the value. Frequently refreshing pages add to the OpenEdge Management processing time.
4. Click Set to submit the set time value.