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Administering OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer : Setting OpenEdge Management distribute resource properties

Setting OpenEdge Management distribute resource properties

The Resource Property Distribution option enables you to distribute resource monitor polling properties from an existing resource to one or more other resources. You can change a number of existing resource monitors to have the same polling properties and possible rules, by selecting one of the following source types:
To distribute resource polling properties:
1. From the management console menu bar, click Options.
The Options page appears.
2. Click Resource Property Distribution.
The Distribute Resource Properties page appears.
3. In the Resource Selection section:
a. Select a source AdminServer in the Source Container list.
b. Select a source type in the Source Type list.
c. Select a source resource in the Source Resource list.
d. Select the AdminServer in the Target Container list to which you want to distribute resource polling properties. The resources associated with the selected target AdminServer appear in the Target Resources section.
e. Select the Remove and replace existing rules to distribute resource rules along with polling properties.
4. From the Available Targets list, select the resources and click the right-arrow. The selected resources appear in the Selected Targets list.
5. Click Submit to start distributing the polling properties. Click OK in the confirmation dialog.
The Resource definition distribution summary page displays the resources for which the polling properties have been updated.