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Getting Started
Setting up Remote Resource Monitoring and Configuration : Preparing to enable remote monitoring and configuration : Regluing OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer to OpenEdge

Regluing OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer to OpenEdge

If you no longer intend to use a machine as a remote AdminServer, you can reglue OpenEdge Management and/or OpenEdge Explorer to OpenEdge.
You must have system administrator privileges on Windows and root privileges on UNIX to perform the reglue operation.
To reglue OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer:
1. Depending on whether you are working with a Windows or a UNIX installation, begin the reglue as follows:
*To reglue on a Windows machine, select Start > Programs (or All Programs) > Progress > OpenEdge > Proenv.
*To reglue on a UNIX machine, log in as root in a terminal window. If you do not know the root password for your system, consult with your system administrator.
2. At the prompt, type reglue, as shown here for a Windows install:
Details similar to the following appear:
3. Type y to continue, and press ENTER.
4. You must restart the AdminServer to complete the reglue process. At the prompt, type proadsv -stop (for a Windows install) to stop the AdminServer, and then proadsv -start to start the AdminServer.
If you want to set up remote monitoring and need to disable OpenEdge Management and/or OpenEdge Explorer, see Ungluing OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer from OpenEdge.