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Introducing OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer : Understanding OpenEdge Management architecture and deployment : OpenEdge Management system architecture

OpenEdge Management system architecture

OpenEdge Management consists of the following:
*A Web-based management console, which provides a central location for viewing and configuring resources that are monitored by OpenEdge Management.
*Components to monitor supported OpenEdge resources.
*The Database Administration Console, which allows you to manage and work with databases enabled for multi-tenancy.
*A database called the OpenEdge Management Trend Database that stores all data collected by agents for use in reporting.
*The OpenEdge Management process, running as a thread in the AdminServer. The AdminServer is a background process that provides a common point of management for the resources managed by OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer. (For more information about the AdminServer, see OpenEdge® Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Getting Started.)
*The Orient DB database, which stores monitoring plans and resource definitions.
*OpenEdge Explorer, which allows you to set or modify configuration properties for certain resources, as well as to view their status and log file data.