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Administering OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer : Customizing the operator role

Customizing the operator role

As an administrator, you can determine the functionalities that the operators can access. If you make no changes, the operators are restricted to read-only permissions.
The assigned role permissions are saved as JSON values in the fathomRealm.policy file that is available in the <OpenEdgeManagement-install-dir>\etc folder.
Note: The role permissions apply for every user that has been assigned to the Operator role.
To customize the operator role:
1. From the management console menu bar, click Options.
The Options page appears.
2. Click Authorized Users.
The Authorized Users page appears.
3. Click Customize Operator Role. The Operator Role Customization page appears.
In OpenEdge Management, the page displays the following areas: Database operations, OpenEdge operations, Resource and monitor operations, and Task operations.
In OpenEdge Explorer, the page displays only the Database operations and OpenEdge operations areas.
4. Use one of the following methods to set operator permissions:
*Select an option to make it available for operators.
*Click Select All to select all the options.
*Click Select None to clear all the options.
Note: If you select the Start/Stop Database option under Database, the Start/Stop Agent option is automatically selected. However, you can select Start/Stop Agent without selecting Start/Stop Database.
For the operator, only the Stop Agent option is available under Scripted Database.
5. Click Submit to apply the permission settings.
You can restore the default roles and permissions by replacing the contents of the fathomRealm.policy file with the contents of the fathomRealm.policy.orig file that is present at the same folder location.
Note: If you are restoring the default roles and permissions, you must stop and restart the OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer for the operation to take effect.
* Managing access to the Database Administration Console