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Using the Console : Additional console details

Additional console details

As you work with the management console, keep the following details in mind:
*By default all required fields in the management console appear in red. If you are reading this document in .pdf file format through a browser, notice that the required fields shown in the screen captures also display in red. Depending on your printer and printer options, it is possible that the required fields will not print in red if you print the .pdf file.
*The management console presents some initial default values. You can either use the defaults to get OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer up and running quickly or you can change them to suit your own particular needs.
*When you are working with OpenEdge Management and you select a resource, the management console provides resource summary to the right of the resources grid. This information helps you assess—at a glance—properties of the selected resource. Properties vary depending on the selected resource.
*The management console includes tooltips that save you from clicking on each OpenEdge Management alert to see the contents of the alert message. Tooltip information that summarizes alert details for a resource can be displayed on alert icons and on the specific alert as it appears on the resource monitor summary page. To display a Tooltip, place your cursor over either of these alert icons. The summarized alert message appears.
In addition, tooltips for unavailable console links identify if the feature or function is available only to OpenEdge Management users. The tooltip appears when you place your cursor over the unavailable link icon.
*OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer do not asynchronously update pages, except when you are starting or stopping OpenEdge servers or databases. Therefore, periodically refresh the management console to be sure that you are looking at the most recent data.
If you are working with OpenEdge Management, you can also set the pages to refresh automatically. (By default, this option is disabled.) On the console menu bar, click Options and then select User Preferences. You can then choose how often you want OpenEdge Management to automatically refresh the pages.
*To display session context data in more than one browser, you should launch a separate browser. Creating a new browser window simply using the browser's functionality can lead to an unreliable display of information.