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Administering OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer : Setting up a remote AdminServer

Setting up a remote AdminServer

You can remotely monitor a resource that you can monitor locally, as long as there is an AdminServer on the remote machine. The exceptions are network resources or jobs, which can only be monitored locally.
To set up a remote AdminServer:
1. From the management console menu bar, click Options.
The Options page appears.
2. Click Remote AdminServers.
The Remote Adminserver Configuration page appears and displays a list of AdminServers.
3. Click New to add a Remote AdminServer information:
a. In the Host field, enter the host name of the machine used to run OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer.
b. Select the SSL option to secure the communication between OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer and the remote AdminServer. The default SSL protocol is TLS version 1.2.
If the SSL option is selected, the default certificates provided by OpenEdge are used. For information on setting up the SSL protocol mechanism for remote AdminServers with user-defined certificates, see Setting up secure communication-related security for a remote AdminServer.
c. In the Port field, enter the port number used to the run the AdminServer.
d. Select the Monitored option to enable the monitoring of remote AdminServer resources .
e. Enter the Username and Password to specify the user information used access the AdminServer. This can also be information about the machine on which the AdminServer resides.
4. Click Save. The configured AdminServer is displayed in the list of AdminServers.
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