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Configuring OE Web Servers : Managing OE Web Servers : Viewing the OE Web Server log file

Viewing the OE Web Server log file

You can view the log file for an OE Web Server by using the log file viewer. The log file viewer allows you to examine the log file through an HTML interface.
To access the log file viewer:
1. Click Resources in the management console menu bar. The resource types appear in the list frame.
2. Expand the OE Web Server category, and click on an instance. The Details page for that instance appears in the detail frame.
3. Click Log File Viewer. The OE Web Server Log File Contents page opens. You can use the Log File Viewer in the following ways:
*Use the Show field to control how many database log file entries display at one time. The number entered into the Show field cannot be less than 10.
*Use the Overlap field to control how many entries are repeated from screen to screen.
The value in the Overlap field cannot be more than the number in the Show field minus one. For example, if you show 30 entries, you can overlap only 29 or fewer of them.
*Choose Descending to change the default display that is in ascending order. Note that the Show field dictates the number of entries shown, regardless of whether they display in ascending or descending order.
*Click Reload after you have changed any values for the number of lines or lines per page. If you do not reload, the viewer continues to display the previous values.
*Click Go To to control the numbered entry in the log file from where the viewer begins its display. For example, a value of 10 entered into the Go To field will begin the display from the tenth log file entry.
*Click First to display the first x entries, where x is the value in the Show field.
*Click Prior to display the previous x entries, where x is the value in the Show field.
*Click Next to display the next x entries, where x is the value in the Show field.
*Click Last to display the last x entries, where x is the value in the Show field. If the contents of the log file have changed since you opened the viewer, the log file viewer indicates this in the Log file status field.