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Configuring OE Web Servers : Managing OE Web Servers : Viewing OE Web Server instance statistics

Viewing OE Web Server instance statistics

You can view and reset run-time statistics for a selected OE Web Server instance. Each OE Web Server instance creates and begins accumulating these statistics, Start Time, when it is first started by the Java Servlet Engine and Creation Time. You can also reset the statistics at any point during OE Web Server execution, so that the statistics begin accumulating again from a new Start Time.
To view the statistics of an OE Web Server instance:
1. Click Resources in the management console menu. All resources managed by your console appear in the grid frame.
2. Filter or search for the OE Web Server instance whose statistics you want to view.
3. Click the OE Web Server instance. The OE Web Server details page appears.
4. Under Operational Views, click Statistics. The following information appears in the Statistics page:
*Active Requests — Requests currently queued and being acted upon by the OE Web Server
*Authentication Errors — Total number of authentication errors
*HTTP Request Errors — Requests received from the HTTP listener, including administrative, and OE Web Server requests
*HTTP Requests — Total requests received from the HTTP listener, including administrative, and REST requests
*Method not allowed errors — Total errors returned by the OE Web Server, with error counts broken out at the bottom of the list for each of several error categories when total errors are greater than zero (0)
*REST Disabled errors — calls while OE Web Server is disabled
*Services disabled — REST Web Applications deployed to this OE Web Server that are disabled from client access
*URL not found errors — calls made to unidentified resources
*Creation Time — Date and time that counting began for the statistics
*Start Time — Start Date and time of the OE Web Server instance
5. To reset the statistics and start accumulating all statistics from zero, click Reset f you want to reset the statistics.