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Configuring Batch Programs : Batch Program properties : Using PID registration

Using PID registration

To register a Batch Program for tracking using PID registration:
1. From the OpenEdge Management console menu, click Resources > Go to Resources.
All the resources managed by your console appear in a grid frame.
2. Filter or search for, and select the required Batch Program resource.
The Batch Program: <instance name> page appears.
3. In the Command and Control section, click Configuration.
The Edit Batch Program page appears.
4. Click EDIT.
5. In the Monitoring section, select the Monitoring method as PID registration.
6. Select Status failure behavior as Fire alert.
7. In the following curl example, replace the Process ID in the URL and the PID in the JSON body as required and run it.
curl -u admin:admin -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"pid": 5380 }' -X POST http://localhost:9090/oem/containers/localhost/batch/localhost%3Aresource.batch.apoint/processes/5380
The registered process appears in the Processes section of the Batch Program: <instance name> page.
8. In the Shutdown section, select Shutdown method as Terminate or Shutdown script to stop the process.
9. Click SAVE.
OpenEdge Management tracks a Batch Program’s PID periodically based on the monitoring plan and notifies you when the process is no longer running by firing alerts, and runs the action associated with the default action.
Note: OpenEdge Management is unable to detect the exit code for a process managed through PID registration. In such case, if the process is stopped outside the control of OpenEdge Management, OpenEdge Management can only use the action associated with the default exit code. If you need OpenEdge Management to respond to specific exit codes, you must use a startup script and start the process with OpenEdge Management.