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Configuring OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Working with SOAP Web services : Undeploying a SOAP Web service

Undeploying a SOAP Web service

You can undeploy a deployed SOAP Web service, which removes its deployment information, its properties, and other settings from the WSA instance context.
You must disable a SOAP Web service before you can undeploy it. You can verify if the SOAP Web service is disabled by checking its status.
To undeploy a SOAP Web service:
1. Click Resources in the management console menu. All resources managed by your console appear in the grid frame.
2. Filter or search for the WebServices Adapter broker instance where the SOAP Web service you want to undeploy is deployed.
3. Click the WebServices Adapter broker instance. The WebServices Adapter details page appears.
4. Under Deployed Web Services, click Undeploy.
If the SOAP Web service is already disabled, it is now undeployed from the WSA instance context and removed from the management console. If the SOAP Web service is still enabled, an error appears indicating that you must disable the SOAP Web service before undeploying it.
The changes are then written to the WebServiceFriendlyName.props file for the selected SOAP Web service.