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Configuring Batch Programs : Starting a Batch Program

Starting a Batch Program

You can start a Batch Program resource using the Batch Program: <instance name> in the OpenEdge Management.
To start a Batch Program resource:
1. From the OpenEdge Management console men, click Resources > Go to Resources.
All the resources managed by your console appear in a grid frame.
2. Filter or search for, and select the required Batch Program resource.
The Batch Program: <instance name> page appears.
The Batch Program process is started and appears in the Processes section.
The START PROGRAM option is displayed only when:
*The Startup script is specified as described in Batch Program Startup properties.
*The Batch Program is not running and supports only one process.
*The Batch Program is running already but supports multiple processes.
4. To run multiple processes, click START PROGRAM again.