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Configuring SonicMQ Adapters : SonicMQ Adapter Broker configuration and administration

SonicMQ Adapter Broker configuration and administration

The OpenEdge SonicMQ® Adapter allows OpenEdge applications to communicate via JMS Messaging through SonicMQ. The SonicMQ Adapter consists of three connection modes:
*OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ ClientConnect (ClientConnect) — ClientConnect is for OpenEdge clients and runs transparently as a background process in conjunction with an ABL client or OpenEdge Application Server agent process, with a single adapter process per client process. The application running on the ABL client handles messaging control. ClientConnect takes little or no configuration.
*OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ ServerConnect (ServerConnect) — ServerConnect is for OpenEdge Application Servers (WebSpeed and AppServer). With this configuration there is a single adapter process per AppServer process, allowing multiple Application Server agents to connect to this single adapter process. ServerConnect is configured at the server.
*OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ BrokerConnect (BrokerConnect) — BrokerConnect is for ABL client applications. It runs as a separate server process to handle OpenEdge client requests. BrokerConnect is a Unified Broker product, part of the AppServer administration framework. You can use OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer and the command-line tools adaptconfig and adaptman on all supported platforms, to manage BrokerConnect. You can also edit its properties in the file. No configuration is required within the SonicMQ environment.
Note: For BrokerConnect, the OpenEdge installation program creates one instance of the OpenEdge SonicMQ Adapter. In most circumstances, this single adapter instance is sufficient. Although it is possible to create additional instances, there is usually no reason to run multiple OpenEdge SonicMQ Adapter instances on the same host. Each instance of BrokerConnect runs as a broker process. This process is multi-threaded, with one thread for each active client application; it can connect to any SonicMQ Broker. With the SonicMQ Adapter, you can write ABL applications that access JMS messaging using SonicMQ.
You can use OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer to configure a new instance of BrokerConnect and administer the configuration of existing instances.