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Configuring OpenEdge SOAP Web Services : Working with SOAP Web services : Updating a deployed SOAP Web service : Setting SOAP Web service application properties
Setting SOAP Web service application properties
You can view and set the value of each property for a deployed SOAP Web service, or you can reset the values of all properties to the current SOAP Web service defaults (stored in the default.props file for the WSA instance where the SOAP Web service is deployed).
You must disable a SOAP Web service before you can set most properties for it. You can verify if the SOAP Web service is disabled by checking its status. The only properties that you can set for an enabled SOAP Web service are:
If you set other properties while the SOAP Web service is enabled, the property value changes take effect only after you disable and then enable the SOAP Web service again.
Note: Unlike WSA instance properties, the values for SOAP Web service properties are not stored in the file. They are stored in the WebServiceFriendlyName.props XML file located in the Web application servlet directory for the WSA instance where the SOAP Web service is deployed.
To view and set SOAP Web service properties:
1. Click Resources in the management console menu. All resources managed by your console appear in the grid frame.
2. Filter or search for the WebServices Adapter broker instance where the SOAP Web service whose properties you want to view and set is deployed.
3. Click the WebServices Adapter broker instance. The WebServices Adapter details page appears.
4. Under Deployed Web Services, click Application Properties.
For details on the properties that can appear in this list, see OpenEdge Application Server: Administration.
Note: The actual list of properties displayed is a subset of all the properties, and changes depending on whether the session model of the SOAP Web service is session managed or session free. To verify the session model of a SOAP Web service, check its status. For more information, see Viewing the status of a SOAP Web service.
5. Click Edit.
6. Type the new value in the available field. For logical values, entering any value other than true results in a setting of false.
7. Click Submit when you finish. The changes are then written to the WebServiceFriendlyName.props file for the selected SOAP Web service.