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Configuring DataServers : Oracle DataServer configuration and administration : Configuring an Oracle DataServer broker : Setting Oracle DataServer broker environment variables
Setting Oracle DataServer broker environment variables
You can set environment variables for the DataServer broker for Oracle. You can set one or more environment variables that:
*Are accessible from your ABL application
*Affect the environment in which your application runs
For the Oracle DataServer, there are no required environment variables in Windows.
To set Oracle DataServer broker environment variables:
1. Click Resources in the management console menu. All resources managed by your console appear in the grid frame.
2. Filter or search for the Oracle DataServer broker whose environment variables you want to set.
3. Click the Oracle DataServer broker that you want to view. The Oracle DataServer details page appears.
4. In the Command and control section of the page, click Configuration. The Oracle DataServer Configuration page appears.
5. Click Edit.
6. Click Environment Variables.
7. Enter each variable name and then provide its value in the format name=value.
8. Click Save when you finish adding the variables and their values.