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Configuring OpenEdge Databases : Configuring an OpenEdge Replication-enabled database : Setting OpenEdge Replication Control Agent properties

Setting OpenEdge Replication Control Agent properties

You set the OpenEdge Replication control agent properties to define for the server which agents it will contact, where it will contact them, and how the agent should perform. Each server group supports up to two control agents.
Note: If you are not familiar with OpenEdge Replication and its configuration, see OpenEdge Replication: User Guidebefore setting the properties.
To set the OpenEdge Replication Control Agent properties:
1. Click Resources in the management console menu. All resources managed by your console appear in the grid frame.
2. Filter or search for the database whose Replication Control Agent properties you want to set.
3. Click the Edit icon. The Database details page appears.
4. In the Command and control section of the page, click Configuration. The Database Configuration page appears.
5. In the OpenEdge Replication Group Links section, click Control-Agent. The Database Replication Configuration page opens.
6. Click Edit.
7. Set the properties as follows:
*Database — Specifies the source database name.
*Host — Specifies to the server which host the agent will start on.
*Port — Specifies which port the server uses to connect to the target database. The port number specified must be the same port specified with the -S parameter when the target database broker was started.
*Connection Timeout — Specifies how many seconds the OpenEdge Replication agent will wait for a connection from the OpenEdge Replication server before the Replication Agent shuts itself down.
The seconds value must be greater than or equal to 120, and less than or equal to 86,400.
Using this property means you do not have to do a forced shutdown on your target database. If the OpenEdge Replication agent does not receive a connection attempt from the OpenEdge Replication server before the number of seconds specified elapses, the OpenEdge Replication agent will terminate and allow some limited system-level target database connections.
This property is also used by the server when reconnecting to the agent after communication has been lost.
*Maximum message — The maximum number of bytes used for the TCP/IP communication messages.
*Replication method — Asynchronous or synchronous.
*Critical agent — Specifies whether the agent is critical. (Select the check box for a critical agent.)
A critical agent is an asynchronous agent for the target database that can become the source database if the source database becomes unavailable.
*Other arguments — Any other arguments for which there is no defined property available.
8. Click Save.