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Configuring Batch Programs : API references : POST( ) method (Process)

POST( ) method (Process)

POST /containers/{container}/batch/{key}/processes/{processid}
Registers a process that is to be tracked by the Batch Program using the specified ID.
For a Batch Program resource that is configured for PID registration, the PID must be available on the same machine as the AdminServer where the Batch Program resource is configured. You can provide your own specified identifier that is used for the PID.

Endpoint URL

*{container} refers to the name of the AdminServer on which the Batch Program process is running.
*{key} refers to the OpenEdge Management resource key for the Batch program process.
*{processid} refers to the Process ID assigned for tracking the Batch program process through the REST API.

HTTP method




Sample request

pid: 19280

Sample response

{name: "prowin2",
pid: 19280,
startTime: 1488325450000,
processId: "19280",
state: "Not Running",
statusMessage: "Not Running",
icon16: "/images/batch16.png",
icon32: "/images/batch32.png",
url: "/oem/containers/localhost/batch/localhost%3Aresource.batch.prowin/processes/19280"

Code example

The following is a curl example to register a Batch Program for tracking using PID registration:
curl -u admin:admin -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"pid": 5380 }' -X POST http://localhost:9090/oem/containers/localhost/batch/localhost%3Aresource.batch.apoint/processes/19280