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Configuring Batch Programs : Overview


A Batch Program is an OpenEdge resource designed to run for longer periods of time and supports separate scripts to start, monitor, and stop the Program. You can manage and monitor Batch Program resources using OpenEdge Management.
Each Batch Program resource can have several copies of the program that is running. OpenEdge Management considers each program as an individual resource and allows you to start, stop, and monitor it. OpenEdge Management monitors the Batch Program instances by defining rules for each instance and generating alerts based on the status of the program.
Like any other resource, OpenEdge Management allows you to create, configure, and monitor Batch Program resources. When configuring a Batch Program resource, you can write scripts to monitor the processes supported by OpenEdge Management. Also, you can write your own scripts to monitor the processes that are NOT supported by OpenEdge Management. Once configured, they appear in the OpenEdge Management Resource Grid page.
Note: Creating, managing, and monitoring of Batch Program resources is not supported in OpenEdge Explorer.