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Introduction : OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer : OpenEdge Management

OpenEdge Management

OpenEdge Management provides database administrators and systems operations managers with the performance tools and processes required to configure, monitor, diagnose, and manage the OpenEdge environment. This is all done from an easy-to-use graphical interface known as the management console, which runs in a Web browser.
Using OpenEdge Management, you can monitor the following resources running under a local AdminServer or under an AdminServer on a remote machine:
*OpenEdge databases (including those that are enabled for OpenEdge® Replication)
*System resources (CPU, disk, memory, file system)
*File resources
*OpenEdge servers, such as the AppServer, NameServer, WebSpeed® Transaction Server, and supported DataServers (Oracle and MS SQL Server)
*WebSpeed Messengers
*AppServer Internet Adapters, Web Services Adapters (for OpenEdge SOAP Web Services), OE Web Servers, and SonicMQ® Adapters
*TCP-based network services
OpenEdge Management's deep level of monitoring provides information and details about your environment, enabling you to proactively manage operations.
In addition, OpenEdge Management includes the Database Administration Console, which allows you to manage and work with databases.