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Configuring third-party Web applications : OpenEdge Management REST API framework

OpenEdge Management REST API framework

The REST API in OpenEdge Management is built on an annotation-based framework to define a REST interface. HTTP clients use the REST interface to interact with OpenEdge Management. Third-party Web applications looking to extend OpenEdge Management functionality in their own Web application can use the OpenEdge Management REST API framework.
The REST API framework provides permission checks, parameterized URL matching, bi-directional object conversion of JSON-mapped entities, and handling upload of multi-part encoded files. The framework supports GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE HTTP methods. The sample Web application shipped with OpenEdge Management is an example of a simple REST API with sample GET and POST operations.
Note: The REST API framework in OpenEdge Management relies on the Jackson third-party library, an open source library available for use within your Web application.
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