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Configuring DataServers : ODBC DataServer configuration and administration

ODBC DataServer configuration and administration

Note: The following sections are applicable only for existing ODBC DataServer instances running on remote AdminServers prior to OpenEdge Release 11.7.
The OpenEdge® DataServer for ODBC allows the OpenEdge Application Development Environment (ADE) and applications created with OpenEdge in Windows to access the ODBC-compliant databases DB2 and Sybase.
You can use OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer to configure and administer the configuration of an OpenEdge DataServer for ODBC. The DataServer for ODBC installation provides one predefined DataServer broker (odbbroker1) and one predefined NameServer (NS1). You can use these predefined components as a starting point for creating and configuring additional DataServer brokers, and, if needed, NameServers. Each broker is referred to as an instance.
* Working with the ODBC DataServer
* Configuring an ODBC DataServer broker
* Editing an ODBC DataServer broker configuration
* Creating an ODBC DataServer broker
* Deleting an ODBC DataServer broker
* Starting or Stopping an ODBC DataServer broker
* Starting an ODBC DataServer broker automatically
* Viewing the status of an ODBC DataServer broker
* Viewing the ODBC DataServer log files