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Configuring NameServers : Configuring a NameServer : NameServer properties : NameServer Location properties
NameServer Location properties
Table 46. NameServer Location properties
A read-only property that indicates whether the NameServer is local or remote:
*Local — The NameServer runs locally on the selected host. You can configure all the properties of a local NameServer.
*Remote — The NameServer runs remotely on a network machine that is separate from the selected host.
You can set this property only when you first create the NameServer instance. To change the location of a NameServer, you must first delete and then recreate the NameServer with the new location setting.
Host name
The name of the host. If the NameServer is local, this is set to localhost. Otherwise, type the name of the remote host where the NameServer is to run.
Port number
The number of the UDP port that the NameServer uses to listen for client connection requests and registration messages from AppServers, DataServers, and WebSpeed Transaction Servers.