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Configuring NameServers : Configuring a NameServer : NameServer properties : NameServer General properties
NameServer General properties
Table 47. NameServer General properties
Working directory
The NameServer working directory. Enter the pathname.
Broker keep alive timeout(dynamic property)
A value, in seconds, that indicates how often the NameServer checks for Unified Broker instances that have timed out. When an OpenEdge Unified Broker instance registers with a NameServer, the instance indicates how often it sends "keep-alive" messages by setting a registration retry property value (a property setting in Advanced Features for the Unified Broker). Once a NameServer determines that it did not receive a "keep-alive" message from a Unified Broker instance within the broker's registration retry time, the NameServer automatically unregisters the instance.
Note that you should use a Broker keep alive timeout value that is somewhat larger than the Unified Broker instance's registration retry value. The NameServer adjusts the specified value to allow for normal networking delays that can occur within your computer network. To keep the NameServer from using up computer resources unnecessarily, set the Broker keep alive timeout to a value that is at least 30% larger than the typical Unified Broker registration retry value.
You can update this property dynamically. Any changes will affect all current and new NameServers.
Auto start
A check box that you can select if you want the NameServer to start automatically when the controlling AdminServer starts.
Any jvm arguments you set.