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Configuring NameServers : Configuring a NameServer : NameServer properties : NameServer Advanced Features properties
NameServer Advanced Features properties
Table 49. NameServer Advanced Features properties
Neighboring NameServers
A list of selected NameServers to which this NameServer can forward connection requests for application services that are not registered with it (that is, the application service name is unknown). The list contains all NameServer instances defined in the management console, initially with none selected.
To make a NameServer a neighboring NameServer, select the unselected NameServer to highlight it. You can select as many NameServer instances as you want to be neighboring NameServers. Each neighboring NameServer thus appears highlighted in the list.
To remove a NameServer from the list of neighboring NameServers, select the already-selected NameServer to remove the highlight.
The setting of this property is optional. When a NameServer receives a request for an application service name that is unknown and there are no neighboring NameServers specified, the NameServer sends a message to the requesting client indicating that the application service is unknown. When such a NameServer has neighboring NameServers specified, it forwards the request to each of the neighboring NameServers. The first neighboring NameServer that has the application service name, and responds to the connection request, provides the specified connection to the client.
TCP/IP Version
Internet Protocol for network communication:
*IPv4 — Accepts only IPv4 connections
*IPv6 — Allows IPv4 and IPv6 connections using mapped address (where supported)
The default is IPv4.
You must also set the jvmArgs property in the file to override the default behavior of the JVM for IPv6 connections.
Enable dynamic property updates
Allows dynamic changes to occur to several of the instance's properties, without requiring you to shut down the instance.
This property is disabled by default.
Note: Any property that is dynamic is labeled as such in this document.