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Configuring third-party Web applications : Overview : Extension mechanism in OpenEdge Management

Extension mechanism in OpenEdge Management

The extension mechanism in OpenEdge Management to support third-party Web applications allows you to:
*Store and retrieve resource properties.
*Host third-party standard Java Web applications within the Jetty Web server.
*Add your own web pages and access them through the management console main menu.
*Implement an extension point to contribute to your own landing page.
*Use the sample Web application shipped with OpenEdge Management as a template to take advantage of OpenEdge Management security and styling.
*Use the REST API framework implementation to design your own REST APIs within your Web application.
To begin with, the following are provided:
*A Web application template as a sample for resource implementation.
*Limited access to OpenEdge Management internals to perform the above mentioned tasks through restricted API.
*Documentation to access a custom Web application with custom resources and web pages in OpenEdge Management.
The following are not provided:
*Direct access to cache database or to create of new charts.
*Direct access to the OpenEdge Management configuration database.
*Direct access to OpenEdge Management class internals beyond what is available in the documentation.
*Direct access to remote AdminServers or to create new remote AdminServer plugins.