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Configuring WebSpeed Messengers and WebSpeed Transaction Servers : WebSpeed Transaction Server administration : Creating a WebSpeed broker

Creating a WebSpeed broker

OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer provide a sample WebSpeed broker instance (wsbroker1) with a default configuration. Each new instance you create uses the same default configuration, which you can edit.
To create a WebSpeed broker instance:
1. From the drop-down for Resources on the management console menu, click New OpenEdge Resource > WebSpeed. The WebSpeed Configuration page appears.
2. Type the name of the new WebSpeed broker instance in the field provided.
Note: The WebSpeed broker instance name is case sensitive and can include any character except a period (.) or square brackets ([ ]). The name must be unique among all configured WebSpeed broker instance names.
3. Click Save. The WebSpeed Configuration page appears, allowing you to configure the WebSpeed broker's properties.
Each new WebSpeed broker instance you create uses the default configuration. However, several properties, such as port numbers, must have unique values for each WebSpeed broker in order for the instance to operate properly.