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Configuring NameServers : Creating a NameServer

Creating a NameServer

OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer provide a sample configuration NameServer instance (NS1) to use as a default.
You can create two types of NameServer instance:
*Local — Where the instance definition resides on, and the NameServer itself executes on, the selected host.
*Remote — Where the instance definition is a reference to a NameServer that resides and executes on a machine that is remote from the selected host.
To create a NameServer:
1. From the drop-down for Resources on the management console menu, click New OpenEdge Resource > NameServer. The NameServer Configuration page appears.
2. Type the name of the new NameServer in the field provided.
Note: The NameServer name is case sensitive and can include any character except a period (.) or square brackets ([ ]). The name must be unique among all configured NameServer names.
3. Click Save. The NameServer Configuration page appears, allowing you to configure the NameServer's properties. (For details about the properties, see NameServer properties.)
Once you create a NameServer instance, you cannot change the location setting unless you delete and recreate the instance.
Note: If you are defining a remote NameServer instance, set its host name and port number properties to reference a NameServer that is defined as a local NameServer on some other machine in your network. For details, see Configuring remote instances.