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Configuring AppServers and AppServer Internet Adapters : AppServer Internet Adapter configuration and administration : AppServer Internet Adapter (AIA) properties : AIA General properties
AIA General properties
Table 68. AIA General properties
Idle connection timeout
Timeout value, in seconds, between an AppServer client and an AIA instance. If a connection is idle for more than the specified timeout value, then the AIA instance automatically disconnects from the AppServer.
The default is 3600.
Secure port
Identifies the port on which the Web server listens for requests that specify the HTTPS protocol. This value is used only when the HTTPS enabled property check box is selected. If you do not specify a value for this property, and the HTTPS enabled property check box is selected, the default value for Secure port is 443.
HTTPS enabled
Determines how an AppServer connection using the AIA connects to the AIA's Web server host. If you select this option, clients must use HTTPS to connect and send encrypted data across the Internet to the Web server. If you do not select this option, clients can use HTTP to connect and send data across the Internet without encryption.
When the HTTPS enabled check box is selected, if an AppServer client uses HTTP to connect to an AppServer, the AIA returns an HTTPS redirection URL to the client. The client automatically retries the connection using the HTTPS URL.
The default setting for this check box is enabled.