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Configuring AppServers and AppServer Internet Adapters : AppServer Internet Adapter configuration and administration : AppServer Internet Adapter (AIA) properties : AIA Advanced Features properties
AIA Advanced Features properties
Table 72. AIA Advanced Features properties
Internal administrative command
Provides permission to see whether or not the AIA is running successfully.
The check box is cleared by default.
Authorized IP list
If the Internal administrative command check box is selected, this box shows a comma-separated list of IP addresses that are allowed to access the AIA Adapter's internal administrative commands.
To add or delete an IP address, click Edit and type or remove an IP address in the box.
To allow any IP address to access the AIA Adapter's internal commands, leave the box blank. This is the default.
AppServer Keepalive
Allows the AppServer to recognize that a client bound to it is no longer connected.
Enable dynamic property updates
If the check box is selected, dynamic property updates are allowed.