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OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Guide
Reference entries : OpenEdge Authentication Gateway utilities : STS URL Utility : stsurlutil update utility
stsurlutil update utility
Change the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway server URL for each specified database.
Note: The change takes effect the next time the database is started.
stsurlutil update -url url

    [ -folder folder-name]
[-ssl args]
[-test true | false]
-db dbname [db-options]
[-db dbname [db-options] ... ]
-url url
Specify the new URL for the Authentication Gateway to insert into the database configuration.
Specify url using the format: https://<host>[port][/sts-application-name]
-folder folder-name
Specify a directory (folder) where log files and temporary files are written. If not provided, the following locations are tested, and the first available folder is used:
*The directory specified by the WRKDIR environment variable
*Current working directory
*The session temp-dir specified using -T
-ssl args
Additional TLS (https) connection options. (See the ABL socket:connect method.)
-test true | false
Tests if the URL is reachable (connect-only.) The default is true, if not specified. Only the literal values true and false are accepted (no other traditional boolean pairs).
-db dbname [ db-options ]
Specify one or more OpenEdge databases to connect to. db-options allows you to specify additional connection parameters.
[-db dbname [db-options] ... ]
Specify additional databases and connection options.
Specify additional ABL connection parameters.
The stskeyutil update utility writes the new URL of the gateway to the database.