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OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Guide
Reference entries : OpenEdge Authentication Gateway utilities : STS Key Utility : stskeyutil verify utility
stskeyutil verify utility
Verifies access to and the integrity of an STS Server Key file.
stskeyutil verify
    [ -seal | -info ]
 [ common-options ]

Specify to validate the STS server key's Domain Access Code.
Specify to display server key information.
The stskeyutil verify utility password decrypts the STS Server Key file using an administrator supplied password and verifies its contents. (You can optionally verify the domains access code as well via the -seal parameter.) Successful verification yields the following message:
Server key validation success
Note: Adding -info to verbose tracing outputs certain key information fields for verification purposes. However, certain elements of the key file are not visible to the user so that the key cannot be fully generated from the information displayed.