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OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Guide
Reference entries : OpenEdge Authentication Gateway utilities : STS Key Utility : stskeyutil keyfile utility
stskeyutil keyfile utility
Display the full path to a STS client key file.
stskeyutil keyfile -url sts-url
[ -node node-name ]
    [ common-options ]

-url sts-url
Specify the STS server's url in the format: https://<host>[:port]/[web-app].
-node node-name
Display the STS Client Key filepath for the cluster node named node-name.
The stskeyutil keyfile displays the full path to the STS client key file based on the URL of the OpenEdge STS Server (the default, or one you supply on the command line). Output to stdout shows the file path information.
When the OpenEdge STS server is running in a clustered environment, it may not always be possible to log into each node in order to obtain it's STS Client Key file name by executing the keyfile command. To enable discovering each cluster node's STS Client Key filename, follow this process:
*Obtain each cluster node's node-name (found using the UNIX uname -n)
*Log in to the active cluster node as the OpenEdge administrator
*Execute stskeyutil keyfile for the current cluster node
*Repeat, executing stskeyutil keyfile once for each additional cluster node adding -node node-name to the command line