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OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Guide
Reference entries : Startup parameters : STS logging level (-stslogginglevel)

STS logging level (-stslogginglevel)

Operating system and syntax
UNIX / Windows
-stslogginglevel n
Use with
Maximum value
Minimum value
Single-user default
Multi-user default
The logging level:
*0 — none
*1 — fatal errors only
*2 — all errors
*3 — all errors and warnings
*4 — all errors, warnings, and informational messages
*5 — all errors, warnings, informational, and debug messages
*Values less than 0 generate an error; values greater than 5 are reset to 5 internally
For use with the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway only, use STS logging level (-stslogginglevel) to specify the logging level value for STS client interface logging. This client-side startup parameter can aid you in debugging authentication problems in an OpenEdge Authentication Gateway deployment.


*This is a per database connection setting. If you connect to more than one database, each database can have a different -stslogginglevel value.
*All output generated by -stslogginglevel is written to the database .lg file.
*If the primary broker specifies -stslogginglevel at startup, the shared default is changed to the broker's value. Automatic servers and secondary brokers can only use the shared default. This parameter is not listed as a database startup parameter in the .lg file, VSTs or promon.
*Automatic servers and secondary brokers can only use the shared default value.
*Single user connections, self service clients and manual servers use the default shared value by default, but can override the use of the default by specifying their own -stslogginglevel value upon connection.
*Remote clients use their database servers' setting according to the above rules.