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OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Guide
Reference entries : OpenEdge Authentication Gateway utilities : STS Connection Role Utility

STS Connection Role Utility

As part of using the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway, database connection role authorisation is added. This allows DBA's to restrict the set of users who may connect to a database at any given time.The feature is enabled via a record in the _db-options table of the database that is checked when the use of the gateway is enabled. A default role called _db.connection is used to grant individual users access to the database. No wildcard grants are used.
The stsconnroleutil utility provides a DBA the ability to control which user accounts are granted membership in a database's connection role from the operating system command line. The connection role is used to grant/revoke an individual user's right to either connect to their database, or be set as the connection's current user. Options include:
The syntax of the specific commands is discussed in the sections that follow.
* stsconnroleutil status utility
* stsconnroleutil enable utility
* stsconnroleutil disable utility
* stsconnroleutil list utility
* stsconnroleutil grantuser utility
* stsconnroleutil grantfile utility
* stsconnroleutil revokefile utility
* stsconnroleutil revokeuser utility