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OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Guide
Reference entries : Database utilities : PROUTIL ENABLEAUTHGATEWAY qualifier


Enables the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway for a database.


proutil db-name -C enableauthgateway


Name of the database to be enabled for use of the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway.
PROUTIL ENABLEAUTHGATEWAY enables an OpenEdge database to use the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway for authentication.
Enabling the database validates that there is at least one valid enabled domain to avoid lockout of all logins. If there is no valid domain, ENABLEUATHGATEWAY fails with the following error:
Enable failed due to lack of a valid enabled domain.
Additionally, there must a valid URL specified in the _db-option table. Set the URL with the STS URL Utility. For details, see the STS URL Utility in OpenEdge Getting Started: Authentication Gateway Guide. If the base URL name is not set correctly, enablement fails with the following error:
Enable failed due to lack of a valid STS URL.
For the most secure deployment, Progress Software Corporation recommends that connection role enforcement is also enabled on the database. If the database is NOT enabled for connection role enforcement when enabling the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway, then the following warning is reported:
Warning: It is recommended that connection role security enforcement be configured
when using the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway.
When successfully enabled, ENABLEAUTHGATEWAY reports:
Authentication Validation has been enabled for the database dbname
If auditing is enabled, Audit event 11901 is recorded.