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OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Guide
Reference entries : Database utilities : PROUTIL DISABLEAUTHGATEWAY qualifier


Disables the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway for a database.


proutil db-name -C disableauthgateway


Name of the database to have use of the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway disabled.
DISABLEAUTHGATEWAY removes the _db-option record with _db-option-code="_db.sts.url" and _db-option-type=3. (These are the values set by using the STS URL Utility prior to enabling the database to use the Authentication Gateway.) After disabling use of the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway, connection role enforcement no longer takes place. If the database is enabled for connection role enforcement at the time DISABLEAUTHGATEWAY executes, the following warning message is reported:
Warning: Disabling the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway feature disables
enforcement of connection role security.
After successfully executing DISABLEAUTHGATEWAY, the following message is reported:
The Authentication Gateway has been disabled for database dbname.
If auditing is enabled on your database, Audit event 11902 is recorded.