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OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Guide
Reference entries : ABL reference : Progress.Security.PAMStatus class (enhanced for STS)

Progress.Security.PAMStatus class (enhanced for STS)

What's new

To support STS authentication, five new properties have been added to this class: AccessDenied, AccessRevoked, AccountDisabled, LoginDenied, and LoginLockout. See below for links to their entries.


A class whose static members are the valid status codes that can be returned by an ABL authentication callback procedure, which can be called during the execution of an OpenEdge user authentication operation. See OpenEdge Development: Programming Interfaces for more information about authentication callback procedures.


This class is FINAL and cannot be inherited.




This class only contains a private constructor.

Super Class



This class does not implement interfaces (beyond those it inherits from its base class).

Public Properties

Public Methods

This class does not contain methods (beyond those it inherits from its base class).

Public Events

This class does not contain events.


*An authentication callback procedure must return one of the values specified on the above table, otherwise the AVM raises a standard authentication failure error (PAMStatus:AuthenticationFailed).
*The values associated with each property of this class conform to Identity Management (IdM) standards. The AVM maps them to the corresponding values defined by the RFC 86 PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) API specification.