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OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Guide
Reference entries : OpenEdge Authentication Gateway utilities : Data export utility

Data export utility

This utility is an ABL procedure that provides an administrator with a tool that can output Domain records from an OpenEdge database. This output can be used as input for an STS application's Domain configuration file and for the Domain keystore file generator (gendomreg).
The procedure writes two log files, which are created in the directory specified by the FOLDER parameter:
*domain_dump_runner.log — a log file for the procedure (independent of the data export)
*domain_dump.log — a log file for the actual data export


_progres -p "OpenEdge/DataAdmin/Util/dump_domains.p"
-db db-name [ -db db-name [...] ]


The following table contains a description of the supported parameters and their valid values:
Valid values
Any of the names in OpenEdge.Core.LogLevelEnum
If no value is passed in, or the value is invalid (no in the enum), the WARN level is used.
An existing folder into which data is exported and log files are written
If no value is specified, or if the value is invalid (i.e. the folder does not exist), the WRKDIR environment variable is queried and if not found, the SESSION:TEMP-DIR is used
A logical TRUE/FALSE value
The ABL LOGICAL( ) function is used to evaluate the value. The default is FALSE if no value is specified or if the value doesn't resolve to true or false.
A filename that will be created
Used for the domain configuration file. Sets the export utility's DomainConfigFile property.
A filename that will be created
Used for the domain keystore. Sets the export utility's DomainKeystoreFile property.