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OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Guide
Reference entries : ABL reference : AUDIT-EVENT-CONTEXT attribute (enhanced for STS)

AUDIT-EVENT-CONTEXT attribute (enhanced for STS)

What's new

The AUDIT-EVENT-CONTEXT is now consistently stored in the _Event-detail field in the audit record.


The audit event context for a client-principal object. The AVM stores this application-defined audit context in the _Event-detail field in the audit record created for an audit event generated during user authentication with the SEAL( ) method, SECURITY-POLICY:SET-CLIENT( ) method, SET-DB-CLIENT function, or AUTHENTICATION-FAILED( ) method, and with the LOGOUT( ) method. If not specified, the _Event-detail field in the audit record is left blank.
You can also use this value as an alternate index for querying the audit event record.
Data type: CHARACTER
Access: Readable/Writeable
Applies to: Client-principal object handle
If not already assigned, during any OpenEdge-performed user authentication operation, OpenEdge assigns the value of this attribute (if any) from the domain configuration used to authenticate the asserted identity before sealing the client-principal object.
Once the client-principal object is sealed, this attribute is read-only, and attempting to write to it raises a run-time error.
Also, attempting to set this attribute to a value longer than 200 characters raises a run-time error.

See also

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