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WebSpeed Essentials
Introducing WebSpeed : WebSpeed architecture : WebSpeed components : WebSpeed Workshop
WebSpeed Workshop
The WebSpeed WorkShop contains the tools that you use to develop and test WebSpeed applications. The default WebSpeed Workshop installation also includes a version of the WebSpeed Transaction Server scaled to support a single developer's activities. The Workshop includes the following:
*AppBuilder — The AppBuilder is a multi-purpose application development environment that supports a broad, integrated range of application and development options. You can use it as a visual programming environment to create character- or GUI-based client/server applications. In addition, you can use the AppBuilder for WebSpeed to create HTML-based Web applications.
The AppBuilder only runs in Windows platforms. You can configure it to work with a WebSpeed Transaction Server installed on a separate UNIX machine.
*WebTools — You use the browser-based WebTools to access information on your server, such as the status of CGI Variables. You can also access database information, use the WebSpeed File tools, and access virtual system table data. You can use the Scripting Lab to write and test WebSpeed code, such as HTML that includes Embedded SpeedScript, and send operating system commands. With the Editor WebTool, you can create, open, save, and print files; check syntax; and compile code.
*PRO*Tools — PRO*Tools is a set of utility programs that are useful for developing and running OpenEdge applications. For example, one of the PRO*Tools allows you to edit your PROPATH. The Color Changer, Screen Scaling Utility, and ProtoGen PRO*Tools do not apply to WebSpeed.