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WebSpeed wizards

You can use the WebSpeed wizards to create Web objects without writing any HTML or SpeedScript code. The WebSpeed wizards prompt you for the necessary information and automatically generate the required code.
Note: WebSpeed wizards do not conform to modern coding practices and might not be appropriate to your development objectives. They are useful for quickly generating small, stand-alone applications.
The WebSpeed wizards are:
*Report — Creates a tabular view of the database fields you specify. You can add navigation buttons for displaying the first, previous, next, and last set of records. You can also include a text entry field to allow the user to enter search criteria.
*Detail — Creates a form to display database data, based on the selection criteria you specify. You can add transaction control buttons to allow users to add or delete records and to submit or reset changes.
*HTML mapping — Maps form fields in an existing HTML file to database fields.