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WebSpeed Essentials
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WebSpeed API

WebSpeed APIs include a set of standard WebSpeed functions (user-defined SpeedScript functions) that provides a variety of services to Web objects. API functions handle low-level Web object tasks such as formatting URLs and returning specific values from the CGI environment. All API functions are available for your application. The source resides in several include (.i) files under install-path/src/web/method, including cgiutils.i, cookies.i, and message.i. Access to these functions in a Web object is provided by including install-path/src/web/method/cgidefs.i.
For more information on WebSpeed API functions, see the WebSpeed API appendix in OpenEdge Application Server: Developing WebSpeed Applications. This information is also available through the AppBuilder online help. Choose Help > Help Topics from the AppBuilder menu bar. Then select the Find tab and type WebSpeed API in the top field of the dialog box.